The company has always upheld the philosophy of craftsmanship, using only materials in brass, wood and iron. We do not mass produce, each stage of our umbrella production is performed entirely within the Maglia workshop, and every umbrella is tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer.

Maglia in Milan has a wide range of umbrellas in various rib sizes (from 52 to 75 cm), with 8 or 10 panels and a variety of handles in natural wood or leather.

Maglia's prerogative is to make umbrellas assembled on a single shaft made with chestnut, ash, rattan, apple, maple, bamboo, Marasca cherry, hickory olive and hazel wood.

In recent years, due to demand by the Japanese and American markets, the company has resumed its production of fine parasols in lace and natural fibers with adorned handles in bamboo, horn and silver.

Our European, Japanese and American exports now make up more than 60% of the company's turnover. Our top clients include the finest English stores that, up until a few years ago, would only buy domestic products.

Masterpieces with slats : Maglia's family laboratory, umbrella makers in Milan since 1850

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